Collanos Workplace

Collanos Workplace

Think out of the inbox


  • Work with your OS, make available online
  • Team Instant Messenger environment
  • Tabbed workspaces


  • The application is a little slow at times
  • Lack of security settings

Very good

Collanos Workplace is a simple productivity tool to improve the workflow on projects.

The program is specifically focused on project management, and allows you to save all your material (emails, graphs, reports and the likes) into one place.

You can create multiple tabbed workplaces, which is a good way of separating your different projects yet having access to them anytime. Changes made to projects by anyone are immediately visible in the interface, as is the availability of team members.

Collanos Workplace is available for PC, Mac and Linux, so you can use it with any OS and still share project information with other team members.

Collanos Workplace can be used offline and will automatically syn new information as soon as you get back online. Another way to communicate is by using the Team Instant Messenger environment, represented by the discussions pane at the bottom.

The closed environment that is Collanos Workplace are its true strength and weakness. To be able to manage your projects and keep a solid organization it's important to have every team member and feature under one system.

However that also means you'll have to put up with all the tools, even if there are some you don't enjoy working with.

The application was easy to use, and I could see it being easily implemented to any organization.

However it did feel a little slow at times. Apart from the startup login, I was also a bit surprised not too find more security settings to protect your projects.

Collanos Workplace is an intuitive project management tool to handle and organize all your projects and keep in contact at all times with team members.

Every team project entails countless emails, messages, documents, tasks, comments, versions, revisions, approvals, etc. With Collanos Workplace you can overcome this information clutter by having a single space to share, interact and collaborate with your team.

Single Consolidated Space

Keep all project related content in a single, consolidated workspace. From now on all you need to access is one place to do any project-related activity without the need of going back and forth between multiple tools and channels.

Any Content

We know that projects involve countless files, versions, tasks, notes, document related discussions, and general discussions with one or more team members.

Collanos Workplace allows you integrate and share any project-related content (Even images, music and video files) into your workspace using the latest encryption protocols.

Instant Notification

With all the information being communicated across your teams, it's hard to keep track of new content or urgent matters that need to be addressed instantly.

Collanos Workplace allows you to send instant messages to team members and alerts you when updates have been made.

Team Work

Each project involves a different team.

Each team works differently. Collanos Workplace allows you to invite unlimited team members, communicate with them in real-time or asynchronously, assign them distinct permissions and know their presence status any time.

Since every team has their "way of working", Collanos Workplace allows you to create a work structure that truly reflects each team's distinct needs.

Anywhere - Anytime

We realize that a network connection is not always readily available, therefore, have created a peer-to-peer solution that allows you to work on your computer both online and offline.

Work wherever, whenever you want without network dependence. Once you get online, your workspaces synchronize transparently with your team members.

Collanos Workplace


Collanos Workplace

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